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I'm So Glad You're Here.

Reverend Karen M. Coratelli-Smith is a Spiritual Energy Healing Therapy practitioner, educator, and counselor. 

She is a Certified Healer Member & Licensed Tutor of the Healer Development Program with UK's National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH), The Healing Trust (THT). 

She is a Certified Practitioner and Licensed Instructor with Viana Stibal's Think International, teaching ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting & Abundance, You and Creator, and Soul Mates. She is also a Cranio-Sacral Therapy Practitioner, Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, Shaman Mesa Carrier, Certified Past Life Regression Therapist, and natural Medium. 

As a holistic practitioner, Karen's mission is to assist others in giving love, being love, allowing only love for their being, and receiving love. She offers Infinite Possibilities classes and has been a coach of Psycho-Geometrics since 1987. 


Reverend Karen is a channel for Energy Healing. Energy Healing Therapy is the channeling of healing energies from the Creator, The Universe, or highest power, passing through the energy therapist into the client. The energies are also directed by the Healer to help unblock a client's energetic levels which enable the body's own self-healing abilities to improve and deal with disharmony and disease. 

Spiritual Energy Healing Therapy penetrates the deepest levels of a person's being where many illnesses have their origin, for example - stress, tension, anger, resentment, hurt, blame, shame, regret, fatigue, and the feeling of being less than whole. So, the symptoms often disappear when the cause is revealed and ultimately resolved. It is this power which spiritual healers seek to tap, addressing illness, injury, and disharmonies at the source, thereby, aiding recovery at all energetic levels of the client's being. This work serves the wholeness of a person; mind, body, emotions and soul. 

Rev. Karen is available for guided past life regression journeys, private or group energy healing therapy sessions, spiritual healing classes, energy infusion events, keynote presentations, guided meditations, and so much more. Her monthly Community Healing Sessions are offered on zoom by Reservation. 

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