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Services Offered

Private Energy Healing Therapy Sessions for Individuals, and Couples

Each Contact Healing Session is developed based on your unique needs.  Energy Healing Therapy seeks to restore the balance of body, mind, and spirit.  This therapy is a natural, non-invasive, holistic approach that has the intention of activating a person’s self-healing mechanism to bring to you a sense of well-being and peace.  It can further be described as a stilling of oneself to find the inner core, then connecting with the universal source of peace and love with the intention of channeling that energy through the healer, for the benefit of the client.  

Western practitioners are inclined to treat the symptoms presented by the patient in isolation.  In Eastern medicine, practitioners practice Holism.  Holism involves looking at the “whole” person; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects.  The Eastern model dates back some 5,000 years and has proven to be extremely effective in curing illness and disease.  

Eastern medicine is based on “Energy Maps”, detailing the flow of energy through the body, as well as how to access the energy.  Patients are diagnosed according to the elements; earth, water, wood, metal, fire, and air.  Illness is recognized as an imbalance or blockage in the flow of energy.  Balance is therefore sought through adjusting the energy flow.  Eastern medicine looks at the outside influences and the circumstances of the patient’s life.  Often, in order to get better it is sometimes necessary for changes in lifestyle or thought patterns.  We may need to break old habits and make changes…

When we heal, we seek to access divine Love that perfect form of energy of which all things are made.  It is of infinite, universal, and limitless power.  We are all energy.  If you dam up a stream, you will create a flood elsewhere.  When, through underlying problems of which we may be unaware, we create dis-harmony or dis-ease within our bodies, we are interfering with our natural energy flow and putting our energy out of balance at a structural, quantum level.  Restoration of the flow brings balance and health.

Contact and Zoom Energy Healing Therapy Sessions are by appointment only.  For “Initial Contact and Zoom Energy Healing Therapy Sessions” please allow 3 to 4 hours.  The cost will be $165.00.  For additional sessions please allow 3 hours. The cost will be $140.00.  It is generally recommended to have a minimum of 3 sessions. 


Tandem Energy Healing Therapy Sessions (Private)

Energy Healing Therapy Sessions with two Certified Energy Healing Therapists working on one individual.  Allow three hours. Cost is $225.00.


Family Energy Healing Therapy Sessions (Private - 2-4 Family Members)

Can be arranged with one Certified Energy Healing Therapist or Tandem.  Sessions are 3-4 hours and cost between $250.00 and $350.00.


Distance Energy Healing Sessions (Private/Individual)

Similar to Contact Energy Healing Therapy Sessions, but done “long distance on Zoom”.    Sessions are 3-4 hours, and cost $165.00 for the Initial Session and $140.00 for follow-up sessions.  


Energy Infusion Parties in Your Home

Host your friends for an amazing and fun filled 2 -3 – or 4 hours of Energy Therapy tools and techniques!  Hostess gets to choose from a menu of session options such as; 
o    Sensing your own energy and the energy of others, 
o    Self-Healing Techniques, 
o    Healing Circle,
o    Regret Reversal, 
o    Meditations for energy, calming, release, and peace,
o    Chord release
o    Soul Fragments
o    Guided Meditations
o    Chakra Clearing
o    Heart Song Release Work
o    Angel & Guide Readings, and so much more.


Past Life Regression (Private)

Explore and witness your various past lives!  Identify values you have acquired in other lives, and in between lives.  Learn what lessons you may be here to overcome, and release karma.  Learn more about your soul family and who in this life time, may have been with you in other life times! 
Each session will take you on a journey into your past to explore three or more lives.  Time: 3 to 4 hours.  Cost $185.00.


Past Life Regression GROUP Sessions

Zoom or In Home Group sessions with 6 or more of your friends or family members!  A fun filled day of exploration for all!
Each Past Life GROUP Session is 5 to 6 hours and can be done on Zoom or at one location.  Cost: $100.00 per person.


ThetaHealing Session (Private)

Dig deep into your sub-conscious and super-conscious beliefs to identify limitations and patterns holding you back.  Pull and resolve beliefs stuck in the Core, Genetic, History and Soul levels of your Being and download new programs of consciousness.  Hear from angels, guides and Creator to manifest your desires.  Release negative energies, Wayward spirits, psychic attacks, and other unwanted, stuck energies and soul fragments.  Time: 3 hours. Cost: $165.00. 


ThetaHealing GROUP Sessions

Group sessions are arranged based on the level of ThetaHealing Practitioner knowledge and experience. Class size is generally 6 to 12 Practitioners and class time can be 5 to 7 hours. Call 239-692-9120 for more information!


Multiple Hands on Healing Sessions (Private or Group)

Sessions are arranged based on the specific individual’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual needs.  

Let's Work Together

To schedule Individual Contact or Distance Energy Healing Therapy Sessions, or Family Sessions, or to plan an Energy Infusion Party contact Rev. Karen at 239-692-9120 or email Rev. Karen at

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